Meaning of heroin addiction in English:

heroin addiction

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mass noun
  • The fact or condition of being addicted to the drug heroin.

    ‘her son died after a decade-long fight against heroin addiction’
    • ‘It's a drug usually associated with the treatment of heroin addiction.’
    • ‘In 1986, the series hit the headlines with its story of his heroin addiction.’
    • ‘The burglar searched for unlocked rooms at the college, intending to steal goods to fund his heroin addiction.’
    • ‘Immortality is a lifelong commitment, like leading a religious group or developing a crippling heroin addiction.’
    • ‘Nothing beats a bout of depraved alcoholism like a degrading heroin addiction.’
    • ‘He's putting in enormous efforts to basically recover from a past heroin addiction.’
    • ‘The offences were clearly related to her heroin addiction.’
    • ‘He could have been agitated or fidgeting for any number of reasons, including his heroin addiction.’
    • ‘A year in the jug costs $23,000 per inmate, compared with a $3,000 annual tab for methadone treatment of heroin addiction.’
    • ‘Approximately 10–15 patients a month chose to detoxify from heroin addiction exclusively by means of acupuncture.’