Meaning of herp in English:


Pronunciation /həːp/


short for herptile
‘In the aridlands of North America, several isolating events are evident in the phylogeographic patterns of birds, mammals and herps.’
  • ‘Suffice it to say that a significant number of taxa of mammals, herps and birds show a concordant phylogeographic division in Baja California.’
  • ‘The split between Sonoran and Chihuahuan populations is less extensive, appearing in two of five species of birds, and potentially higher percentages of mammals and herps.’
  • ‘From 2002 on, neophyte curatorial assistants (or even well-traveled Ph.Ds.) facing a similar challenge will have breath-taking experience when they heft and open Jay Savage's monumental opus on Costa Rican herps.’
  • ‘These 2-foot-tall sheet metal fences will funnel snakes, toads, lizards, and other herps to buried collection buckets, where they can be counted.’
  • ‘More interesting pictures of Iraqi herps can be found on the Armed Forces Pest Management Board Site.’
  • ‘Many of those herps bear terrifying names - like that of the Gila monster, Heloderma suspectum, the ‘suspicious warty-skinned one.’’