Meaning of herptile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəːptʌɪl/


  • A reptile or amphibian.

    as modifier ‘herptile shops’
    • ‘I must confess to a lifelong fascination with ‘herptiles,’ snakes especially.’
    • ‘Proper heat can also determine if your herptile will eat and if they will digest the foods they eat.’
    • ‘Students will locate herptiles by sight or sound, analyze their characteristics, and classify them.’
    • ‘For the state of South Dakota, the only historical data on herptile occurrence were compiled by Over.’
    • ‘Because of modern equipment we are able to mimic the natural environment of herptiles quite accurately.’
    • ‘While captive herptiles are not preyed upon, their natural instinct is to hide when they feel threatened.’
    • ‘Loeffler cautions that taking a native herptile from the wild as a pet is a serious enterprise.’
    • ‘Seventy-two herptile species inhabit the state, 17 of which are listed as Endangered or Threatened.’
    • ‘After a thorough exam, the herptile abdomen is opened for inspection of the internal organs.’
    • ‘Provide information and technical assistance to members in the area of herptile species management.’
    • ‘Advantages and disadvantages of use of herptiles as indicators are shown in Appendix A.’
    • ‘The first phase of the project involves a survey to determine what alien herptile species are currently present in South Africa.’


Blend of herpetology and reptile.