Meaning of Herrenvolk in English:



  • The German nation as considered by the Nazis to be innately superior to others.

    ‘So Hitler told the German people that they were wonderful (a Herrenvolk or ‘master people’), that he would fight their enemies (the Jews), and that he would look after them in the usual paternalistic socialist way.’
    • ‘Finally, it is also possible that particularly men stemming from the lower strata of German society felt a certain attraction to the idea of ruling over other peoples as the proud representatives of the Aryan Herrenvolk.’
    • ‘And both see themselves as a Herrenvolk, to use Hitler's word.’
    • ‘A widespread investment in slavery may also have been as responsible for the South's racist Herrenvolk democracy, as was any calculated effort on the part of a planter elite to win the support of non-slaveholding whites.’
    • ‘For some time back there I also grew up among a ‘chosen people’ who behaved as Herrenvolk - as all those who believe themselves singularized by suffering or entrusted with a special mission from God.’



/ˈhɛr(ə)nfɒlk/ /ˈhɛr(ə)nfəʊk/


German, ‘master race’, from Herr ‘master’ + Volk ‘people, folk’.