Meaning of Herrnhuter in English:



  • A member of a Moravian Church.

    ‘Andreas Gestrich and Carola Wessel detail the variant experiences of Herrnhuters in eighteenth-century Russia and the upper Ohio Valley, respectively.’
    • ‘In the church, built in 1914, you can see the organ that dates back to the time of the Herrnhuters.’
    • ‘He found the teaching of the Herrnhuters too restrictive, however, because the faculty refused to lecture on current intellectual trends.’
    • ‘Since the manuscript was transcribed by members of the Herrnhuter movement, it can be concluded that the author of this tale, J. Pulan, was also a member of this movement.’
    • ‘In a letter to George Reimer in 1802 he wrote, ‘I have become a Herrnhuter again, only of a higher order.’’



/ˈhɛːnhuːtə/ /ˈhɛːr(ə)nhuːtə/


Mid 18th century German, from Herrnhut (literally ‘the Lord's keeping’), the name of the first German settlement of the Moravian Church.