Meaning of Hertzian wave in English:

Hertzian wave

Pronunciation /ˈhəːtsɪən/


former term for radio wave
‘Gugliemo Marconi filed the first patent for communication using Hertzian waves in 1896.’
  • ‘Marconi had a neighbour, Professor Augusto Righi, who had been experimenting on Hertzian waves and who encouraged him.’
  • ‘The young man's imagination was stirred by the account given of Hertz's work, and the idea occurred to him that Hertzian waves might be used in communication.’
  • ‘In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to ‘intensify the vertical component’ of the Hertzian waves which it generated.’
  • ‘We represent the longitudinal scalar wave as a horizontal vector, and the usual Hertzian wave as a vertical or ‘transverse’ vector.’