Meaning of Hesvan in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛsvən/


(also Chesvan)
  • (in the Jewish calendar) the second month of the civil and eighth of the religious year, usually coinciding with parts of October and November.

    ‘In Ethiopia, on the 29th of the Hebrew month of Heshvan, members of the Jewish community fasted.’
    • ‘Let the rains of Heshvan bring us comfort and possibilities for endless growth, spiritually and intellectually.’
    • ‘But the pious man's grain, which had been sown in the second half of Heshvan, was saved.’
    • ‘We explore the life of our foremother Rachel, in honor of her yahrzeit, which falls on the 11 th of Heshvan.’
    • ‘But Heshvan affords us an opportunity to search for a personal connection to God.’


From Hebrew ḥešwān.