Meaning of hetero in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛt(ə)rəʊ/

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  • Heterosexual.

    • ‘hetero and gay couples’
    • ‘As if hetero couples and hetero sex isn't shoved in our faces on every street corner, in every GU clinic, at the doctors surgery, in our parental homes etc etc etc.’
    • ‘Now they are savvy, mostly because people are more out and so most heteros KNOW gay people.’
    • ‘Therefore, they say, benefits should be offered to both gay and hetero couples who want equal benefits but don't want to be committed to the institution of matrimony.’
    • ‘An up-and-coming lesbian singer tells how she and her hetero band mate make music for everybody's ears’
    • ‘At first, the mixed crowd appeared mostly hetero, and it took some gaydar adjustment to detect the hot femme look that predominates in much of lesbian Latin America.’
    • ‘The major problem [with gays in the military] is heteros feeling their privacy rights would be violated.’
    • ‘Being a hetero, white, U.S.-born female, it's easy for me to trust that the world gets who I am even if advertising does not.’
    • ‘Many young gay men now take advantage of the relaxed attitude and cruise hetero clubs like Pravda and Rex to pick up straight guys.’
    • ‘I'm a hetero college male and I recently started dating a hetero college female.’
    • ‘How much more constructive it would be if our movement, while pushing for full marriage rights, stopped making alliances with cultural leftists favoring benefits for unwed heteros.’
    • ‘It's 84 minutes of heteros being irresistibly adorable.’
    • ‘People are already freaked-out enough about hetero sex.’
    • ‘Apart from that, he shares just about all my interests, he's single, he's hetero, he's looking not to be single, and he's rich.’
    • ‘I don't feel I'm hiding anything - I wouldn't announce myself a hetero, would I?’
    • ‘I'm a hetero college female and my boyfriend and I are sexually active.’
    • ‘The hottest new show in TV-land these days is Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where five gay men give hapless heteros style makeovers.’
    • ‘Like most of these discussions, it was framed in terms of heteros vs. homos.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter if you're hetero or homo or bi: people are still the same, and people can still betray your feelings and leave you crying in the darkness.’
    • ‘What do you think about the fact that you probably have as many gay male fans as you do hetero female ones?’
    • ‘As for the men, well a stroll to the adult video store will quickly dispel the idea that lesbians are somehow unpopular with hetero men.’

nounplural noun heteros

  • A heterosexual person.