Meaning of heteroaromatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɛt(ə)rəʊarəˈmatɪk/


  • Denoting an organic compound with a ring structure which is both heterocyclic and aromatic.

    ‘Yeast OYE forms charge transfer complexes with a variety of aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds carrying an ionizable hydroxyl group.’
    • ‘Measurements of optical third-harmonic generation have been made on novel heteroaromatic conjugated polymer thin films.’
    • ‘Aromatic and heteroaromatic rings are the heart of pharmaceutical design.’
    • ‘In fact, I find it even more exciting than the Science paper because these guys are making some pretty nice heteroaromatic systems that would make any pharma medchem person wet his pants.’
    • ‘Working on synthesis of new amphiphiles for LB applications, the authors obtained three homologous series of heteroaromatic sulfonamides, shown below’