Meaning of heterogamous in English:



See heterogamy

‘The most heterogamous were the sons of skilled workers and unskilled workers.’
  • ‘Based on the presence or absence of fertile stamens and fertile pistils, the heads can be further classified into heterogamous and homogamous capitula.’
  • ‘The practical upshot in your case is that your children will be much more likely to be heterogamous themselves.’
  • ‘Capitula with all florets of one sexual state, either male, female or hermaphrodite and heterogamous when florets of more than one sexual state are present.’
  • ‘The following paper will concentrate on the ways Corinne embodies this new genius, this modern genius that is at once heterogamous, having both male and female traits, and heterogeneous, revealing a combination of oppositional but non-gendered characteristics.’