Meaning of heteromorph in English:




See heteromorphic

‘Size dimorphism, in which the heteromorphs are slightly larger than the tecnomorphs, can be recognized in late instars.’
  • ‘Ancyloceratina, which contains all other Mesozoic heteromorphs, evolved from Perisphictidae during the Tithonian.’
  • ‘Most heteromorphs form a U-shaped chamber, whereas many normally coiled ammonites inflate or enlarge the terminal body chamber and constrict the aperture.’
  • ‘In the stages A - 3 to AI heteromorphs can be distinguished from tecnomorphs by slightly broader velum in the anteroventral region.’
  • ‘The presence of occasional preadult heteromorphs was mentioned also by Schallreuter, Jones and Meidla.’
  • ‘Most heteromorph ammonites have a hooked terminal body chamber.’