Meaning of heteromorphy in English:




See heteromorphic

‘There is abundant evidence for the repeated evolution of sex chromosomes and sex chromosome heteromorphy, followed by phenomena such as dosage compensation and imprinting.’
  • ‘Based on this extensive background information, the identification of molecular genetic markers for the Primula S-locus was undertaken as the first step towards characterization of the genes that control heteromorphy in this plant.’
  • ‘Variations in chromosome patterns during in vitro maintenance were rapid and discrete, involving loss of heteromorphy or appearance of additional chromosome size variants.’
  • ‘The molecular mechanisms underlying heteromorphy have remained largely elusive, and most of what is known to date about self-incompatibility has been uncovered through studies on homomorphic systems.’
  • ‘A more recent hypothesis proposes that floral heteromorphy, via approach herkogamy, precedes the acquisition of SI.’