Meaning of heteronormative in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɛt(ə)rəʊˈnɔːmətɪv/


  • Denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation.

    ‘the heteronormative codes of twentieth-century mainstream Western cinema’
    • ‘He is talking about the specific example of gay identity in relation to the heteronormative structures of power.’
    • ‘Then I was thinking I shouldn't impose my heteronormative judgements on people.’
    • ‘Instead of breaking down hetero-normative gender binaries, gay pornography reinforces oppressive sex roles regardless of the actual gender of the participants.’
    • ‘In one way, Hopkins's novel resists containment by a conventional domestic fiction by complicating its portrayal of the heteronormative domestic sphere.’
    • ‘Overall, this is a basic text of use to researchers who may need to realize their own heteronormative assumptions.’
    • ‘Some of this work grows out of queer theory, which focuses on how young gay men engage with heteronormative discourses.’
    • ‘In this article, I argue that the field of composition studies is heteronormative.’
    • ‘Indeed, rather a lot of those who engage in it are heteronormative.’
    • ‘Many early homoerotic underground films and even the earliest of the homoerotic stag films enacted sodomy and fellatio through heteronormative gestures.’
    • ‘In the postemancipation period of American history, sexual exploration and deviations from white heteronormative codes represented avenues of personal freedom.’
    • ‘A gay man beaten by a policeman and a gay son beaten by his father suffer from the same root sources of heteronormative prejudice.’
    • ‘Such a contrary view has been seen as destabilising the supposition of heteronormative sexuality with its attendant conscious and unconscious structures which determine behaviour.’
    • ‘Part one focuses on the "absurdity" of medieval hetero-normative sexuality with the authors attempting to explore other types of sexual behaviour.’
    • ‘They do not challenge the "heteronormative" order.’
    • ‘Each narrative feeds on a construct intricately allied to a vision of a transgressive, female, sexual body through which a masculine, heteronormative hermeneutic might be applied.’
    • ‘This workshop will explore gender theory, grounded in a social constructivism paradigm, as a means of challenging heteronormative culture in the workplace.’
    • ‘I am not going to apologise for what may appear to be more heteronormative homo-social blindness to one's own horizon of intelligibility.’
    • ‘If a man says he has a date and someone refers to the date as female, the assumer can be zinged as "heteronormative."’