Meaning of heterosexist in English:



See heterosexism

‘Nationalist, racist and heterosexist chauvinism thrives on political and social grievances.’
  • ‘Brooks argues that sexual minorities experience proportionally more negative life events as a result of living in a sexist, racist, and heterosexist society.’
  • ‘Heterosexuals are often unaware of their heterosexist biases; because their values and beliefs on sexual issues are those most widely held, there is a tendency to assume that they reflect the ‘natural’ order.’
  • ‘A number of studies describe a variety of methods which focus on educating and enlightening primarily non-gay men and women, but essentially any person with homophobia or heterosexist bias.’
  • ‘It urges doctors to rethink a range of subjects, from heterosexist bias in medical education to fertility treatments for subfertile lesbian women.’