Meaning of heterosexually in English:



See heterosexual

‘In particular, people who are at least in some measure attracted to both sexes may be seen as having a bisexual sexual orientation, but they may choose to behave heterosexually, homosexually, or bisexually.’
  • ‘In 2000, among young women aged 13 to 24 years, 45% of all AIDS cases reported were acquired heterosexually and 11% were acquired through injection drug use.’
  • ‘The majority of the sample were heterosexually active at the time of the study, and were involved in monogamous sexual relationships with an average duration of 2.45 years.’
  • ‘Figures released by the National Disease Surveillance Centre show that over half of the 399 new infections recorded were heterosexually acquired.’
  • ‘Recently, the number of heterosexually acquired acute infections has increased.’