Meaning of heterotic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɛtəˈrɒtɪk/


  • 1Biology
    Relating to hybrid vigour (heterosis).

    ‘These two strains are quite divergent for various qualitative and quantitative traits and produce highly heterotic hybrids when they are crossed and are being used as parental strains to construct the mapping population.’
    • ‘It was concluded that heterozygotes were not necessarily advantageous for trait performance even among genotypes derived from such a highly heterotic hybrid.’
    • ‘If modulation of the GA level is the underlying basis of heterosis, then the d1 / d1 hybrids should experience little or no heterotic response relative to d1 / d1 inbreds.’
    • ‘Our model assumes that populations evolve with temporal variation in outcrossing rates with no genetic drift, no selection (particularly no heterotic selection), and with the random mating of outcrossing gametes.’
  • 2Physics
    Relating to a theory of cosmic strings combining elements of two earlier models.

    ‘The most studied superstring compactification is heterotic string theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau space in six-dimensions (or three complex dimensions).’
    • ‘These two types of closed string modes are called right-movers and left-movers, and this difference will be important later in the supersymmetric heterotic string theory.’
    • ‘These theories are called heterotic superstring theories.’
    • ‘One proposed model has been to take the heterotic string theory and make six space dimensions form a small compact space called a Calabi-Yau space.’
    • ‘At one time, string theorists believed there were five distinct superstring theories: type I, types IIA and IIB, and the two heterotic string theories.’