Meaning of heterotrophy in English:




See heterotroph

‘If detached leaves were fed glucose, inducing a rapid switch from autotrophy to heterotrophy, then they were seen to exhibit GPT activity.’
  • ‘After greening and probable transition from heterotrophy to autotrophy, root growth rate was enhanced and growth followed a linear pattern.’
  • ‘Based on polyp size, corallite structure, and surface area considerations, M. faveolata appears to depend on photoautotrophy versus heterotrophy to a greater extent than its congener, M. cavernosa.’
  • ‘This dynamic nature of the evolutionary changes must have been responsible for the breakdowns of the pathways, resulting in profound differentiation of heterotrophy among the species.’
  • ‘Results suggest that the excess organic matter from these tropical estuaries supports heterotrophy in the adjacent coastal ecosystem’