Meaning of heugh in English:


Pronunciation /hjuːx/


(also heuch)
Scottish, Northern English
  • A steep ravine or precipice.

    ‘The Heugh is a dark green hill, westward of the castle, terminating towards the harbour in a rocky cliff.’
    • ‘It stands on a heugh or elevation up which gently ascends the Berwick and Carlisle turnpike from Kelso bridge.’
    • ‘He therefore requested to be put ashore, and, from the top of a heugh or broken bank, enjoyed the scene much more to his satisfaction.’
    • ‘They were both buried in one grave, which is still pointed out at the head of a heugh, on the banks of the Amon.’
    • ‘About 160 years ago, the church of Ecclesgretg stood below the Heughs of St. Cyrus.’
    gorge, abyss, canyon, ravine, gully, gulf, pass, defile, couloir, crevasse, cleft, rift, rent


Late Middle English from Old English hōh, of Germanic origin.