Meaning of hew to in English:

hew to

phrasal verb

North American
  • hew to somethingConform or adhere to a particular idea or approach.

    ‘his administration would hew to high ethical standards’
    • ‘Commissioner Smith hews to the traditional American view that political speech should be unregulated.’
    • ‘The director hews to tradition by having his lead singers on stage only two or three times a week.’
    • ‘A movie based on or inspired by historical events is always judged on two levels - the extent to which the film hews to historical accuracy, and the larger meaning that is derived from the current context through which the film is viewed.’
    • ‘He hews to the liberal line on universal healthcare and increasing wages, but he has displayed more interest in the subject of international crime.’
    • ‘And I think over the long haul, if he hews to the middle-ground course that he has taken over the last 14 days that we'll do pretty well.’
    • ‘I'd love to know how closely the story hews to known facts.’
    • ‘Any Democrat who hews to that thinking is giving Bush a free pass to the next inaugural.’
    • ‘It's not about using a trick to get her to sleep - it's about getting her to sleep in her crib, hewing to a regular nap schedule.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles Times interpreted the election outcome to mean that if Republicans continued to hew to the conservative line, ‘they will remain a minority party indefinitely.’’
    • ‘Two years later, 40.6% of whites still hew to that belief, but only 23.9% of blacks now agree.’
    • ‘Yet another of the things that has made political conventions boring is the idea that everyone must stay ‘on message’ and hew to the current campaign strategy.’
    • ‘Firms with more than 50 employees are required to hew to certain quotas based on race, gender, and physical disability.’
    • ‘Traditional weddings are still in evidence, but more people plan their own, and minorities hew to their traditional forms.’
    • ‘If Ellis abandons his ill-advised notion of taking advice from the industry and hews to the sentiments he has expressed in the past, he'd be off to a fast start.’
    • ‘CNN is seeking to establish itself as a non-ideological purveyor of pure news, while Fox News Channel has adopted a broadcast style that clearly hews to the right.’
    • ‘If cable systems operators intend to remain competitive with satellite and telephone rivals, they'll need equipment that hews to this improved standard.’
    • ‘A successful woman nominee from either party has to be fairly mainstream on issues, hewing to the center, which would alienate Democratic liberals and Republican social conservatives.’
    • ‘He also lived in a housing co-operative that struggled to involve its members in running the place, hewing to the principle that the people who are affected by decisions should make those decisions.’
    • ‘More broadly, it can allow firms in mature markets to grow their revenues far more rapidly than they could by hewing to their existing lines of business.’
    • ‘But the battle in global markets means hewing to tougher rules.’