Meaning of hexacopter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛksəkɒptə/


  • An unmanned helicopter having six rotors.

    ‘the overhead footage was captured from a remote-controlled hexacopter’
    • ‘The hexacopter is designed for aerial photography.’
    • ‘A team of faculty and students tested out their latest research tool: a remote-controlled hexacopter.’
    • ‘The hexacopter can carry 2.5 kilograms.’
    • ‘The hexacopter scans the area from the air and then transmits navigational information to the boat.’
    • ‘He flew a remote-control hexacopter over the garden.’
    • ‘We will deploy the hexacopter above the farm and document what is going on.’
    • ‘Officials saw way more potential in using the hexacopter as a bird-scaring device.’
    • ‘A second drone—a hardier hexacopter—then lands on the foam-covered object.’
    • ‘When the hexacopter arrived at their location, it would hover in place.’