Meaning of hexagonal in English:


Pronunciation /hɛkˈsaɡənl/

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  • 1Relating to or constituting a hexagon; having six straight sides and six angles.

    ‘small, hexagonal pockets of honeycomb’
    • ‘There are over a dozen pen-and-wash studies of figures in oval or hexagonal frames.’
    • ‘Over the banister, visitors saw the top of an elegant structure, narrow at the base, with an inner hexagonal column.’
    • ‘Double-panelled doors lead to a hexagonal dining room.’
    • ‘It was a hexagonal glass structure with a high domed roof.’
    • ‘Insect compound eyes are made up of many hexagonal lenses.’
    • ‘The spanner is used to tighten the hexagonal nut.’
    • ‘The project leader says hexagonal pixels give smoother edges in images than square pixels.’
    • ‘The floor was laid with tiny hexagonal tiles.’
    • ‘The most distinctive item in the collection is the hexagonal vase.’
    • ‘After ripping out red linoleum, they finished the room with black-and-white hexagonal floor tile.’
    1. 1.1Of or denoting a crystal system or three-dimensional geometrical arrangement having three axes of equal length separated by 60° and a fourth axis of a different length at right angles to these.
      ‘a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure’
      • ‘Pure phase zirconium exists in a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure.’
      • ‘The inner core is pure iron in a hexagonal close-packed crystalline form.’
      • ‘These quartz crystals from Cumberland appear to possess normal hexagonal symmetry.’
      • ‘Each molecule has on average six neighbors, generating a six-fold hexagonal symmetry.’
      • ‘Cystine crystals are clear, colorless hexagonal plates, often appearing in layers.’
      • ‘We applied a swelling method to help determine the relative phases of the diffraction peaks along the crystal axis perpendicular to the hexagonal base.’