Meaning of hexagram in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛksəɡram/

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  • 1A star-shaped figure formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles.

    ‘In 1876 Veronese was appointed as assistant in analytical geometry on the strength of his paper on Pascal's hexagram.’
    • ‘The hexagram, the well-known Hindu symbol of a six-pointed star, is also known as the Star of David or Jewish Star, and can be used to symbolise Israel or Jews.’
    • ‘I went to the blackboard and drew the yin-yang symbol and the hexagram.’
    • ‘The hexagram - and resultant star - is the one of the most powerful mystic symbols.’
    • ‘The Star of David is a hexagram but is not used to cast a hex on you.’
  • 2Any of a set of sixty-four figures made up of six parallel whole or broken lines, occurring in the ancient Chinese I Ching.

    ‘Sixty-four different combinations of six broken or unbroken lines produce sixty-four different hexagrams.’
    • ‘The I Ching, oriental mysticism, is based on sixty-four hexagrams.’
    • ‘The meanings of the hexagrams were divined many years ago by Chinese philosopher-priests in tune with the Tao (Chinese for path or way).’
    • ‘The most simple method of I Ching divination makes use of 3 coins to read the hexagrams.’
    • ‘There's simply too much convergence between the hexagrams received and the life situations I'd asked about for it to be a coincidence.’


Mid 19th century from hexa- ‘six’ + Greek gramma ‘line’.