Meaning of hexahedron in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɛksəˈhiːdr(ə)n/

nounplural noun hexahedra/ˌhɛksəˈhiːdrə/ , plural noun hexahedrons

  • A solid figure with six plane faces.

    ‘It is commonly called a cube but is formally known as a hexahedron.’
    • ‘The regular hexahedron is part of the family of 5 platonic solids, which are the most regular polyhedra.’
    • ‘To build an origami hexahedron you will need three of these shapes with three different colors.’
    • ‘Meshes comprised of hexahedrons are easier to visualize than meshes comprised of tetrahedrons.’
    • ‘The proposition can now be stated in terms of hexahedra as follows: if seven of the eight vertices of a hexahedron lie on a sphere, then so does the eighth.’
    • ‘A hexahedron is a solid with 6 faces each composed of (in a regular hexahedron) squares.’


Late 16th century from Greek hexaedron, neuter (used as a noun) of hexaedros ‘six-faced’.