Meaning of hexameter in English:


Pronunciation /hɛkˈsamɪtə/

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  • A line of verse consisting of six metrical feet.

    ‘Most celebrated were the Epodes, songs in simple strophes usually made up of a hexameter or iambic trimeter plus one or two shorter cola.’
    • ‘For Schlegel, the feet of the hexameter must be of equal length, containing either one long and two short syllables or two long ones.’
    • ‘Metrically, the ‘Hymn’ justifies Coleridge's claims for the English hexameter.’
    • ‘My poetic skills were not up to constructing dactyllic hexameters, and I had already settled on the haiku form.’
    • ‘Longfellow wrote in hexameters, in the tradition of the classical masters of he epic, Homer and Vergil.’


Late Middle English from Latin, from Greek hexametros ‘of six measures’ (from hex ‘six’ + metron ‘measure’).