Meaning of hexaploidy in English:




See hexaploid

‘Mixoploidy has not been reported for Polycelis nigra, but examples from triploidy to hexaploidy and hyperploidy are frequent.’
  • ‘Study of the chromosomes has indicated that the central n = 36 was derived from hexaploidy from n = 12.’
  • ‘Wheat's hexaploidy is not homogeneous; three different genomes each contribute 7 chromosomes to give the hexaploid complement of genetic material.’
  • ‘However, wheat is a difficult plant in which to undertake targeted gene cloning projects, due to its large genome resulting from hexaploidy and a high fraction of repetitive DNA.’
  • ‘Winter wheat is much more resistant than spring barley due to the hexaploidy of its genome (wheat has 42 chromosomes and barley has 14 chromosomes).’