Meaning of hexastyle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛksəstʌɪl/


  • A six-columned portico.

    • ‘The oldest preserved part of the whole complex is the cloister, with features of the transitional style. The corridor is framed on all four sides by a line of double hexastyles.’


  • (of a portico) having six columns.

    ‘Rather than the simple Greek Ionic order of the two earlier capitols, Nichols used a more elaborate Ionic variation for the colossal freestanding hexastyle portico that dominated the west or main front.’
    • ‘The temple proper, measuring 2815 m., consists of a square cella and a hexastyle pronaos formed of Corinthian columns on a high podium; it is surrounded by a precinct wall which encloses an area 40 m. square.’
    • ‘In the process of working with these components, it appears that Bernini flirted with the idea of transforming the octastyle front into a hexastyle front.’
    • ‘Evidence for this interpretation comes from the representation of a hexastyle Doric temple dedicated to the Gens Iulia on an issue of Corinthian bronze coins struck during the reign of Tiberius in A.D.32 / 3 or 33 / 4.’


Early 18th century from Greek hexastulos, from hex ‘six’ + stulos ‘column’.