Meaning of hexyl in English:



as modifier
  • Of or denoting an alkyl radical —C₆H₁₃, derived from hexane.

    ‘However, during a 24 h topical application of ALA methyl, ethyl, propyl or hexyl ester, no PpIX fluorescence above autofluorescence level was measured in skin outside the application area or in other organs.’
    • ‘Iontophoresis of the methyl, ethyl, butyl and hexyl esters of ALA induced significantly enhanced delivery compared with that of ALA itself.’
    • ‘The activity of three formulations of MCPA, the acid form, the dimethylamine salt and the 2-ethyl hexyl ester have been investigated in several studies described herein.’
    • ‘Previous studies have shown that ALA hexyl ester is more successful than ALA for photodetection of early malignant lesions in the bladder.’
    • ‘Iontophoresis of methyl-ALA and hexyl - ALA also increased the amount of prodrug delivered into the skin.’



/ˈhɛksʌɪl/ /ˈhɛksɪl/