Meaning of hey presto in English:

hey presto


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  • A phrase announcing the successful completion of a trick, or to suggest that something has been done so easily that it seems to be magic.

    ‘press the start button and, hey presto, a copy comes out the other end’
    • ‘You type in the message, press a few buttons, and hey presto!’
    • ‘My car even has ‘climate control’, which means that you set the temperature that you'd like, then press ‘auto’ and hey presto!’
    • ‘Take one disco drumbeat, add a bouncy bassline, throw in a grouchy guitar noise and a cheeky mockney songsmith, and hey presto!’
    • ‘The formula for most remix albums is painfully similar: a few knobs twiddled here, a couple of dancey bits thrown in there and hey presto!’
    • ‘You rented a hall, found a pair of old projectors and - hey presto! - a cinema.’
    • ‘You just follow a few simple rules and hey presto!’
    • ‘You order the food by phone, fax or email and hey presto!’
    • ‘Just pop the container into the microwave and - hey presto!’
    • ‘Just shove in a few valuation/accounting/company parameters and - hey presto!’
    • ‘Asetek have made the whole thing so simple that I just opened the kit, followed the instructions to the letter and hey presto!’
    • ‘Simply key in a few valuation or accounting parameters and - hey presto!’
    • ‘As a last resort and after some information and help from DKG we last night completely uninstalled Nortons and hey presto… magically I had icons!’
    • ‘It used to be thought that when we found ‘the gene for’ a particular disease, we'd be able to replace it with the correct version and hey presto!’
    • ‘Singer X's agent calls up a newspaper or magazine, and - hey presto!’
    • ‘It's a musician's dream come true; write a tune, get it played over a commercial and, hey presto - instant success.’
    • ‘You plug your laptop into the seat (or, if your laptop has wireless connectivity, just switch it on) and, hey presto, broadband access.’
    • ‘For two weeks PG and I have been unable to call anyone successfully from home but put the sim into an old Nokia 3310 and hey presto, no problem!’
    • ‘Finally, the reservoir is filled with water, the electric pump turned on and, hey presto, you have an overflowing spring bubbling cheerfully away.’
    • ‘The system was… you phone up, you book, you send your money, hey presto, you're in.’
    • ‘You tell them what you want to pay and hey presto, they'll provide it.’