Meaning of hi-res in English:


Pronunciation /hʌɪˈrɛz/


(also high-res)
  • (of a display or a photographic or video image) showing a large amount of detail.

    • ‘Print out a high-res image of the famous person, tear up the pieces, and then glue it onto your paper mache molded mask.’
    • ‘Since most people in graphic arts now have fast internet access, I want to move into high-res images which may be potentially publishable.’
    • ‘There are high-res pictures of the 1.5GHz Palamino at the tecChannel site.’
    • ‘Surely the publisher can still source hi-res pictures for inclusion in the book, even a book about web design.’
    • ‘The images are hi-res enough to print as 5x7 photos to decorate your cubespace.’
    • ‘Within seconds, he has access to 6 terabytes of hi-res video - every single minute of pro football since the start of the 2003 season.’
    • ‘We not only have a detailed video review, but also high-res movies, and even custom wallpaper for your computer desktop.’
    • ‘I expected to be able to see all the cutscenes in beautiful high-res, high definition style.’
    • ‘There are numerous PC-specific features, including high-res textures and scalable graphics.’
    • ‘Don't forget to click on the image to see the much larger hi-res version and take a good look around the exploding street-lamp.’
    • ‘Will the cutscenes be handled in-game or separately using high-res CG?’
    • ‘Do you want super high-res which turns the game into a great slideshow?’
    • ‘The normal problem with squeezing high-res screens into a few pixels is that you lose the detail.’
    • ‘If you have the bandwidth, you can check out high-res versions of the picture above, and animations of the Drygalski collision here.’
    • ‘Even if the user has a slow dial up connection to the internet, F2f technology offers hi-res, no-lag audio and visual communication.’
    • ‘Everything is high-res and filled with colour.’
    • ‘Thirty high-res races crisscross lavishly detailed expanses of road, running the gamut from urban to rural, day to night, rainy to sunny.’
    • ‘I wanted a hi-res shot of it, and I guess the light from the scanner went through the clear coat on the heatsink.’
    • ‘We take hi-res satellite photos of a given location and build a world that looks just like it.’
    • ‘The visuals are very detailed and colourful although they are a little on the small side in hi-res mode.’


1960s short for high-resolution.