Meaning of Hib in English:


Pronunciation /hɪb/


  • A bacterium that causes infant meningitis.

    Haemophilus influenzae type B

    ‘In the UK the most common cause of bacterial meningitis is infection with the meningococcal or pneumococcal bacteria, but Hib, TB, E.Coli, and Group B streptococcal bacteria can also cause meningitis.’
    • ‘Infants are already inoculated against Meningitis C and the Hib form of the disease in the six-vaccine package given at two, three and four months.’
    • ‘Children also have five doses of diphtheria and tetanus, two doses of MMR, four of the Hib, (for meningitis), one of chickenpox, four of the polio vaccine and now four doses of a vaccine to prevent ear infections before they go to school.’
    • ‘Routine vaccination of babies (with the Hib vaccine) prevents many cases of meningitis, another cause of brain damage in the early months.’
    • ‘It provides immunity to polio, as well as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and Hib.’


1970s acronym.