Meaning of hibachi in English:


Pronunciation /hɪˈbatʃi/ /ˈhɪbətʃi/


  • 1A portable cooking apparatus similar to a small barbecue.

    ‘Never use a hibachi or barbecue grill inside a home, vehicle, or garage.’
    • ‘The griddle-tossed meats and vegetables typical of hibachi cooking can all end up tasting pretty much the same.’
    • ‘Place some chocolate fondue into a small hibachi and drizzle with white chocolate.’
    • ‘Midway between Kunsan and Osan, we tried to stay clean during a mud festival on a beach, where we also cooked snails and colorful clams over a hibachi and ate them for lunch.’
    • ‘One week from now, fans of most NFL teams will have packed up their hibachis and coolers, put away their flags and face paint and started spending more Sunday afternoons working in and around the house.’
    grill, rotisserie
    1. 1.1(in Japan) a large earthenware pan or brazier in which charcoal is burnt to provide indoor heating.
      • ‘I got an armchair and a desk and an electric fire, for the hibachi is cold comfort in the winter.’


Mid 19th century Japanese hibachi, hi-hachi, from hi ‘fire’ + hachi ‘bowl, pot’.