Meaning of hicksville in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪksvɪl/


informal US
  • A place regarded as provincial and unsophisticated.

    • ‘they looked like they'd just walked out of hicksville and into the big city’
    • ‘an out-of-the-way hicksville this ain't’
    • ‘We lived way out in hicksville in Quebec.’
    • ‘The rest of us Queenslanders were stuck back in hicksville without daylight savings time.’
    • ‘I know it gets boring in hicksville but don't act like he has told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’
    • ‘Then his mother gets sick, and they move back to hicksville, Missouri to care for her.’
    • ‘He said it pits north against south, big cities against hicksville.’
    • ‘The commentators are making him out to be a hick from hicksville, wondering how often he even gets the chance to practise with new balls.’
    • ‘Movies tend to suck when they are shot overseas or in backwoods hicksville locations.’
    • ‘After making it to the top, the pair head off to Hicksville.’
    • ‘I guess that insight has not reached down here to Hicksville.’
    • ‘This film isn't one of those inspirational farces in which a city girl gives up her heels to heal herself in her childhood Hicksville.’
    the country, the countryside, the provinces, rural districts, the backwoods, the back of beyond, the wilds, the hinterland, a backwater


1920s from hick + -ville.