Main meanings of hidalgo in English

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Pronunciation /hɪˈdalɡəʊ/

nounplural noun hidalgos

  • A gentleman in a Spanish-speaking country.

    ‘the local hidalgo was no more an absentee than his peasants’
    • ‘Because Arab invaders did not vanquish the Basques, the Spanish Crown considered them hidalgos, or noblemen.’
    • ‘The Spanish government faced a policy problem: how to insure a ‘decent’ standard of living to the Spanish hidalgos who were not supposed to work with their hands.’
    • ‘Don Quixote is really an impoverished hidalgo named Alonso Quijano - or is it Quijada?’
    • ‘The dissolution of the Jesuits also gave impetus to reformers in Charles III's Spain, where secondary schools, such as the Madrid seminary of the nobility, were created to educate the hidalgos.’
    • ‘Don Pedro's arc moves him from proud hidalgo to magnificent obsessive, an all-macho embodiment of the extremes of empowerment, totally devoid of any self-doubt.’


Late 16th century Spanish, from hijo de algo, literally ‘son of something’ (i.e. of an important person).

Main meanings of Hidalgo in English

: hidalgo1Hidalgo2


Pronunciation /hɪˈdalɡəʊ/

proper noun

  • A state of southern Mexico; capital, Pachuca de Soto.