Meaning of hidden depths in English:

hidden depths


  • Admirable but previously unnoticed qualities.

    ‘his solo spots reveal hidden depths’
    • ‘Jane seems worthless to all who meet her, but we know she has hidden depths, evident in her otherworldly drawings.’
    • ‘David, as his book perhaps unwittingly demonstrates, is a man with no hidden depths.’
    • ‘It proves that the best TV comedies often have hidden depths.’
    • ‘The feeling then, as now, was that there are hidden depths in Barrie's work, but he himself was never quite able to confront them.’
    • ‘But her recent career revival has proved that she has always been a woman of many facets and hidden depths.’
    • ‘On the non-instrumentals throughout, the vocals bring an oblique vulnerability to the weirder excess, and this album effortlessly manages to combine the shimmering pop surface with darker hidden depths.’
    • ‘He finds the hidden depths in her character and reasons to be sympathetic towards a woman who might initially seem little more than an empty-headed good-time girl.’
    • ‘It takes a few listening sessions to bring out these hidden depths, but even impatient listeners will be caught by the catchiness of the melodies.’
    • ‘He may seem a bit of a buffoon to Hortense, but he has hidden depths and hidden strengths, which are gradually revealed to her once she joins him in London.’
    • ‘When the same well-meaning friend says she knows he has hidden depths, Will replies, "You've always had that wrong. I really am this shallow."’