Meaning of hideously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɪdɪəsli/

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  • 1In an extremely ugly manner.

    ‘his face was hideously disfigured’
    • ‘the buildings were painted hideously’
    • ‘Her face was hideously disfigured by dark red scars.’
    • ‘The video is full of hideously deformed yet oddly realistic puppets.’
    • ‘One couple run into the killer who is hideously scarred by a very bad latex effect.’
    • ‘The citizenry begins to transform into hideously mutated monsters with an insatiable lust for hot human blood.’
    • ‘He emerged as a hideously mutated fly-human-fusion-creature.’
    • ‘A crucial ventriloquist's dummy is hideously mutilated.’
    • ‘Who picked that hideously ugly puke green cover?’
    • ‘His face was hideously contorted by rage.’
    • ‘His face was hideously swollen.’
    • ‘Their ads feature hideously elongated animals.’
    1. 1.1In an extremely unpleasant manner.
      ‘he treated her hideously’
      • ‘he felt hideously embarrassed’
      • ‘She'll be posting photos of her family's hideously embarrassing lawn furniture.’
      • ‘Its tube and railway infrastructure is hideously overcrowded.’
      • ‘It was hideously overpriced in a stagnant housing market.’
      • ‘The patent system is hideously broken.’
      • ‘I find the trilogy to be hideously dated and a bit sexist.’
      • ‘Ten minutes later, I'm hideously disappointed.’
      • ‘This band has been hideously marketed by their manager.’
      • ‘Things were about to get hideously out of control.’
      • ‘Earlier on I went out to do some shopping and I was sweating hideously by the time I returned.’
      • ‘He had insulted her hideously and she had probably heard!’