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hiding place


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  • A place for concealing someone or something.

    ‘he took the revolver from its hiding place’
    • ‘The islands and sheltered bays provided ideal hiding places for the pirate galleys that plundered passing ships.’
    • ‘With crowds around the whole course there were no hiding places.’
    • ‘After she heard the man drive away, she emerged from her hiding place, but was too scared to flag down the first few vehicles in case it was him.’
    • ‘He heard the other vehicle drive around as the men tried to find him, and remained in his hiding place for an hour before running home.’
    • ‘Do not leave keys within reach of the letter box or in a hiding place outside’
    • ‘I found the perfect hiding place, one that I thought Dewi would never ever find.’
    • ‘It does not sound like a good hiding place for a man with a $5m bounty on his head.’
    • ‘Therefore, for any outlaw or fugitive of any nationality this is the perfect hiding place.’
    • ‘They're supposed to be nocturnal; scampering off to their dimly lit hiding places at the mere suggestion of human presence.’
    • ‘He tried thinking of all the possible hiding places he'd noted since being in the house; and all the possible nooks and crannies he'd yet to even spot.’
    • ‘There must be no hiding places for such people from here on.’
    • ‘There are also many dark areas that are potential hiding places.’
    • ‘Progress in closing down the number of hiding places for tax evaders comes at a time of major change in the Revenue Commissioners.’
    • ‘There have been complaints by the public that the grass in the parks is too high and that it has afforded possible hiding places for robbers.’
    • ‘Under the ban, hunters are allowed to use dogs to flush foxes from their hiding places, but they are not supposed to use dogs to actively search for foxes.’
    • ‘Paul had said police would root out criminal elements from their hiding places and bring them to justice.’
    • ‘In his room he first sorted his finds, then carried them back into the woods where he distributed them in secret hiding places.’
    • ‘At the same time, the mice in the village crept out of their hiding places and took up residence in the empty houses.’
    • ‘I divided all our US dollars into four separate hiding places on my body, just in case.’
    • ‘Infestation is managed by applying insecticides to their hiding places.’
    hideaway, hideout, retreat, refuge, den, shelter, sanctuary, bolthole, foxhole, lair, safe house, asylum, sanctum, hermitage, oasis, haven, harbour, place of safety
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