Meaning of hieroglyphically in English:



See hieroglyphic

‘They documented the Nile's central role hieroglyphically on many monuments and tomb murals, symbolizing it in the form of a grape vine.’
  • ‘Rameses the Second got that pact engraved hieroglyphically on the walls of the Temple of Karnack.’
  • ‘At Luxor, Amun's wife, Mut, was hieroglyphically depicted as a vulturess or as a human with a vulture head.’
  • ‘Considered hieroglyphically, the letter ‘ayin’ is known as the material’ sign.’’
  • ‘The length of the cubit varied only slightly throughout Ancient Egypt. Originally based on the length of the forearm, and written hieroglyphically as such, it was also expressed as 28 fingers or 7 palms.’