Meaning of high-coloured in English:



  • Having a red or flushed complexion.

    ‘her plain, high-coloured features’
    • ‘His height was only 5 feet 2 inches; he had red hair, a high-coloured, handsome, but inexpressive face, and a slight limp.’
    • ‘The high-coloured women with pinched faces were straight out of Orwell.’
    • ‘Nikole was dark, with olive skin and high-colored cheeks and mouth.’
    • ‘She shook her head, ruefully, at the plump, high-coloured face in the mirror, then went out to water the garden.’
    • ‘Becky saw a big, hearty, high-coloured man whose abounding vitality brought a gust of life into every existence.’
    red, pink, ruddy, glowing, reddish, pinkish, florid, high-coloured, healthy-looking, aglow, burning, flaming, feverish, rubicund, roseate, rosy