Meaning of high-cost in English:



  • Relatively expensive.

    ‘risky high-cost loans’
    • ‘The next step would be rationing in high-cost areas.’
    • ‘Parents could use negative access lists, analogous to 900 telephone service blocking, to prevent their children from accessing frivolous or high-cost services.’
    • ‘In short, we cannot find any evidence the contributors who engage high-cost fund managers achieve superior returns.’
    • ‘It blames most of that on a new excise tax on high-cost insurance policies.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, LCCs will continue to open hubs and move into existing facilities left behind by their high-cost competitors.’
    • ‘There is a shakeout as undercapitalized and high-cost firms fail.’
    • ‘But much of Russia's potential is high-cost and remote.’
    • ‘The problem is we have over 600 unit trusts and funds in Singapore and nearly all are the high-cost managed funds.’
    • ‘Harris-Teeter and Bi-Lo seemed to be the high-cost supermarkets in the study area after the opening of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.’
    • ‘House Democrats paid for much of their health care overhaul by taxing the wealthiest Americans, a nonstarter in the senate, which instead taxes high-cost insurance plans.’
    • ‘We should also remember that an industry composed solely of small scale farms would be a labour intensive industry and hence a high-cost industry.’
    • ‘As auto makers struggle with excess capacity across Europe, they are finally beginning to close down inefficient plants in high-cost countries.’
    • ‘If you're a healthy person in a high-cost area, it won't affect you so much.’
    • ‘Johnston closed high-cost operations in places such as Belgium and opened plants in emerging Eastern-bloc countries.’
    • ‘Other major high-cost airlines such as United Airlines and Lufthansa have benefited from the ending of a short war in Iraq.’