Meaning of high-flying in English:



  • 1Flying at a high altitude.

    ‘the remotely piloted, high-flying aircraft’
    • ‘In the absence of the high-flying wire-assisted stunts of his later pictures, he looks pitifully immature, even mortal.’
    • ‘From the cockpit of one of the allied air force's high-flying secret spy planes, the country stretches out like a postage stamp on a manilla envelope, its mountain ranges reduced to wrinkles.’
    • ‘High-flying aircraft sample ambient air to monitor ozone levels in the troposphere.’
    • ‘In making a high-flying kite, it is better to spend a little extra effort on neatness and on cutting down weight than on decorations.’
    • ‘Some photographs, taken by high-flying spy planes, showed troops engaged in setting up nuclear-capable missile sites.’
    • ‘Conventional radar can "see" a high-flying plane 300 km away but at low altitude the range is much less.’
    • ‘One high-flying plane could be seen dropping flares before the detonations.’
    • ‘This practical formula offers some guidance when choosing a load for the high-flying birds of autumn.’
    • ‘This is the second international incident involving the high-flying spy plane in less than a week.’
    • ‘One of my aunts used to believe that the trails left behind by high-flying planes must have an effect on the weather.’
    1. 1.1Very successful, especially academically or in business.
      ‘a high-flying, stressed-out Los Angeles tax attorney’
      • ‘Susan could have picked herself any high-flying job in the film bureaucracy that she chose; she's an enormously gifted person.’
      • ‘On the eve of her wedding journey, she has a swanky supper with her father, a bank manager ill at ease with his daughter's high-flying tastes.’
      • ‘Leah is a high-flying businesswoman.’
      • ‘She is a beautiful, high-flying corporate lawyer.’
      • ‘It will eventually be found out that he's not really a screenwriter represented by a high-flying agent.’
      • ‘By the time the '80s rolls around, the club has become a meeting place for women and high-flying businessmen.’
      • ‘A struggling former alcoholic and high-flying lawyer get into an auto collision.’
      • ‘Victoria was once a high-flying lawyer, but she dropped out and tuned into herself.’
      • ‘Compensation from salaries and stock options can be astronomical, and media attention can boost the profiles of high-flying CEOs into the stratosphere of rock stars.’
      • ‘The former high-flying conglomerate had spent most of the 1990s self-destructing.’
      • ‘The recent economic recession has inflicted pain on the once high-flying technology industry.’
      • ‘The government decided that since many of the original high-flying stocks crashed to earth, financial fraud must have been behind them.’