Meaning of high-handedly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪˈhandɪdli/

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See high-handed

‘But when he high-handedly dismissed chunks of Tchaikovsky's freshly completed Fourth Symphony as ‘just ballet music’, an indignant Tchaikovsky retorted, ‘What on earth's wrong with that?’’
  • ‘I am surprised that an organisation as big as the archdiocese did not wait until planning permission was granted, and has behaved so high-handedly and ignored the council.’
  • ‘I went over to see the IT manager in his lair and, as high-handedly as possible, told him that my keyboard wasn't working and could he perhaps find me another one, so that I could do my job.’
  • ‘The Guardianship Council had better be careful about acting too high-handedly.’
  • ‘He was high-handedly dismissive of American film in general (‘There is always someone announcing that the American movie has come of age’).’