Meaning of high-impact in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪˈɪmpakt/


  • 1(of plastic or a similar substance) able to withstand great impact without breaking.

    ‘The co-molded housing of high-impact plastic and rubber is as rugged as it looks.’
    • ‘The floodlight's housing and lens are made of high-impact plastic and can rotate and pivot to direct light to precise areas.’
    • ‘A strengthened headband merges high-impact plastic with stainless steel at the stress points to keep the Air 3500 strong, yet lightweight and comfortable.’
    • ‘The top piece, which twists into the bottom section, is made of high-impact ABS plastic and is estimated to last three to five months.’
    • ‘The weapon's stock is made from high-impact plastic, fitted to an aluminium frame to which the barrel is fixed.’
  • 2Denoting exercises, typically aerobics, that place a great deal of stress on the body.

    ‘Due to bad knees, I can't do a lot of high-impact cardio exercises.’
    • ‘Consistently performing high-impact exercise on a hard surface is how you bring about overtraining and related injuries.’
    • ‘Participants find that years of stress on the body due to high-impact aerobic classes have damaged their joints.’
    • ‘‘We're starting to see the types of injuries from yoga that we usually see in high-impact sports such as basketball,’ said Halbrecht.’
    • ‘Several of the athletes had returned to high-impact activities without medical clearance.’