Meaning of high-income in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting people earning large salaries.

    ‘a high-income area’
    • ‘high-income families’
    • ‘We want to end a system where youth from low-income areas are seven times less likely to graduate college than youth from high-income areas.’
    • ‘This in turn will encourage more high-income earners to live and locate their businesses in Ireland.’
    • ‘During this period, high-income Canadians enjoyed a 15 percent rise in their incomes, after inflation.’
    • ‘This long-term study tracking children born into low and high-income families reveals some families remain trapped in poverty despite a decade of economic growth in Australia.’
    • ‘‘The reality is that students from high-income families are still twice as likely to go to university,’ said Conlon.’
    1. 1.1(of a country) having a large national income.
      ‘high-income oil exporters’
      • ‘The IMF is controlled by the governments of the high-income countries that finance its operations.’
      • ‘It is no coincidence that the United States, with one of the lowest rates of unionization in the developed world, is the only high-income country without a national health insurance system.’
      • ‘Virtually all high-income countries have fertility rates that are too low to fully replace their populations.’
      • ‘However, average annual growth of energy use in low-income countries is twice that of high-income countries.’
      • ‘But as you look ahead, if we want to be a high-income nation, we have to be a high-skill nation.’
    2. 1.2(of an investment) offering large dividends or a high rate of interest.
      ‘a high-income bond’
      • ‘Setanta Asset Management has a high-income equity fund, and the average stock in the fund's portfolio is yielding 4.5%.’
      • ‘It was ordered to pay a £1.9m fine yesterday for mis-selling high-income bonds to investors who were not aware of the risks involved.’