Meaning of high-level in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪˈlɛv(ə)l/

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  • 1At or of a level above that which is normal or average.

    ‘a high-level cistern’
    • ‘At the rear, the talllight clusters are stacked vertically, positioned high out of harm's way, and a high-level brake light is integrated into the roofline above the two rear doors.’
    • ‘Obviously others have done the vast majority of the work for me on this piece, so here's a few high-level links to collections of information that were invaluable to me in this writing.’
    • ‘His achievement, along with consistent high-level performances, meant Lampard finished second behind Barcelona's Ronaldinho in the European Footballer of the Year poll.’
    • ‘Since 2001, the association has tried to limit the wages paid to football players but its rules have been ignored by clubs who continued to try to attract high-level players with first-class wages.’
    • ‘A high-level enquiry, Operation Lancet, investigated claims that officers under his command had given heroin to a suspect in return for a confession, and that known drug dealers had been tipped off in advance of a police raid.’
    • ‘McAfee's decision to quit Holland for Ireland is seen as a coup by the IDA, which recently has been attracting high-level investment projects by Intel, IBM and Guidant.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire Police and Leeds United had put in place a high-level security plan for the game after widespread predictions that home fans would react angrily to the return of Manchester United centre back Rio Ferdinand.’
    • ‘The Institute's high-level hockey performance coach, Australian Steve Colledge, has chosen a judicious mix of current internationalists and younger players being prepared for the future.’
    • ‘After the weekend the group will be preparing for other high-level events, including matches in Germany and the next European Championships.’
    • ‘The high-level rail tracks in Sydney and in New York, however ugly they may seem to artists, remain a very practical way to cross big cities.’
    • ‘‘He has played high-level rugby union in New Zealand and I might try to get him over here as well, first with Hull RU and then with the Wasps,’ said Sorbello.’
    • ‘The original fitted shelves below the high-level air bricks in the rear storage area have not been replaced.’
    • ‘There is thus considerable room for further expansion in order to meet the medium - to long-term demands of the knowledge society for high-level skills.’
    • ‘Once company leaders have determined that their operations strategy needs revising, they next need to focus on high-level requirements that a new strategy must meet.’
    • ‘Our job is not easy; it requires a high-level understanding of mathematics and logic and takes years to learn.’
    • ‘Hospitals are complex entities that incorporate elements requiring high-level technical support and servicing.’
    • ‘Data obtained in these studies confirmed that initiation of asthma required a single high-level exposure.’
    • ‘It is a technology that requires high-level skills.’
    • ‘A separate, fully monitored recovery area should be located directly adjacent to the procedure rooms for patients requiring immediate, high-level care.’
    • ‘These more complex learning tasks require high-level cognitive processing; that is, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.’
    1. 1.1Relating to or involving people of high administrative rank or great authority.
      ‘high-level negotiations’
      • ‘It is unusual to hold high-level negotiations, except summits, outside a country's capital, the sources said.’
      • ‘Levy, who assumed the top job late this summer, has held a variety of mid- and high-level administrative jobs at community colleges since 1989.’
      • ‘A spokesman for the Minister for Environment confirmed that high-level negotiations have been on-going, but declined to comment on the IFA proposals.’
      • ‘Over the past year the Australian government has been involved in a series of high-level negotiations with the US for a bilateral trade agreement.’
      • ‘MPs promised homeowners a fairer deal and the government called high-level summits with the mortgage industry, warning that the dodgy deals had to stop.’
      • ‘In December 1980 there was a high-level summit in Dublin between British and Irish ministers, and in 1981 a formal Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Council was created.’
      • ‘Most of the women work in administrative or support positions; the high-level, key policy-making positions are predominantly held by men.’
      • ‘The primary objective of the WLP was to increase the number of high-level women administrators at the University of Cincinnati.’
      • ‘I find it hard to believe he has high-level sources in the administration, let alone any who would talk to him and no other reporters about this.’
      • ‘The authors put forward a theory of a high-level cover-up that involved the CIA.’
      • ‘I remember talking last year with a prominent member of the Russian military-industrial complex who had just returned from meeting high-level officials in the US.’
      • ‘Thanks to its perceived strategic importance, the kingdom can count on high-level support in the capital, especially at the White House, State Department and Pentagon.’
      • ‘House Speaker Agung Laksono said in a written speech earlier in the day that the legislature had asked the government to reconsider its plan to increase the salaries of high-level officials due to the strain on the state budget.’
      • ‘This problem won't be solved by one high-level official accepting symbolic responsibility and resigning - it's going to require profound systemic change.’
      • ‘Job opportunities will be created for not only high-level management but middle and lower-level employees as well.’
      • ‘We have more senior women in high-level management than any other company; 46 percent of our officers are women.’
      • ‘When she was offered the position of artistic director in 2000, she had no experience in high-level management.’
      • ‘Jordan has over 20 years' high-level management experience in multinational IT companies, most recently with EMC Computer Systems.’
      • ‘Their response was a series of publicly visible action plans with high-level industrial and political support.’
      • ‘His recent election as vice-president and chairman of the executive will see Mr Worsley involved in high-level talks with regional and national Government, and he will eventually hold the post of president.’
      high level, high point, record level, peak, record, high water mark
      high-ranking, high-level, leading, top, top-level, prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, foremost, senior, influential, distinguished, powerful, important, elevated, notable, principal, prime, premier, chief, main, upper, ruling, exalted, illustrious
    2. 1.2Computing Denoting a programming language that is relatively accessible to the user, having instructions that resemble a natural language such as English.
      ‘The above features would be easy and straightforward for an experienced Web/database programmer to implement in a high-level language, such as Perl or Python.’
      • ‘Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems to run in a web environment.’
      • ‘Although this obviously complicates things somewhat, modern high-level languages make the difference between these two data structures easily understood.’
      • ‘Developers often make use of high-level scripting languages as a way of quickly writing flexible code.’
      • ‘This capability means that programs are easier and faster to write in high-level languages and are easier to debug.’
    3. 1.3(of nuclear waste) highly radioactive and requiring long-term storage in isolation.
      ‘For more than two decades, the United States government has been attempting to develop a plan for the storage of high-level nuclear wastes.’
      • ‘More than 2700 canisters of high-level radioactive waste extracted from the fuel are due to be returned to Japan within the next 15 years.’
      • ‘The campaign to keep high-level nuclear waste out of Utah and Nevada is just beginning.’
      • ‘In addition, residents criticized the government's inability to deal with high-level radioactive waste.’
      • ‘Spent fuel can then be transported for reprocessing and low and high-level waste collected for storage.’