Meaning of high-mindedly in English:



See high-minded

‘Some react high-mindedly - they express relief that ‘the oldest political party’ has regained its sanity, that the democratic process worked, that the election will be between two adults, etc.’
  • ‘Even more high-mindedly, he claims: ‘Although I get paid a lot for the work I do, I don't do it for the money.’’
  • ‘This would indicate that the filters, checks and balances that Big Media spoke so high-mindedly about when the Internet took off, offer no protection whatsoever.’
  • ‘The Freedom of Information Act was high-mindedly conceived as a tool for democracy, but it has proved more useful for commercial litigants than for journalists or public interest groups in search of juicy information.’
  • ‘In ‘This Side of Paradise’, one of his early works, the sympathetic central character talks high-mindedly about democratic socialism.’