Meaning of high-priority in English:



  • Of great importance.

    ‘a high-priority project’
    • ‘inequality and poverty are high-priority social problems’
    • ‘On 11 October, the Cape Henry sailed for the Far East with 188 high-priority containers.’
    • ‘The airmen routinely deploy throughout the Pacific theater to conduct a variety of high-priority, low-visibility missions.’
    • ‘They force you to figure out what's high-priority vs. what's unnecessary.’
    • ‘For high-priority cargo in the commercial sector, these times are reflected in hours, not days.’
    • ‘Between 1940 and 1951, universal adult suffrage and self-government became high-priority demands of the union.’
    • ‘The income distribution side of environmental quality externalities is a real issue in a world in which inequality and poverty are high-priority social problems.’
    • ‘When the risk of instability in a high-priority region is low, relatively little military forward presence need be maintained.’
    • ‘CEOs could still gain some goodies this year, mostly by attaching provisions to a few high-priority bills that don't have anything to do with tax cuts.’
    • ‘Access to information about patients' medical conditions and quality relationships with healthcare staff are high-priority needs for these families.’
    • ‘Researchers worked with local community leaders to identify high-priority issues.’