Meaning of high-top in English:



  • Denoting a soft-soled sports shoe with a laced upper that extends some distance above the wearer's ankle.

    ‘Comfortable shoes were bound on my feet, a weightless high-top shoe laced with strings white and wide.’
    • ‘Wearing high-top sneakers may help prevent an ankle injury.’
    • ‘Doctors do not recommend any special footwear, such as high-top shoes or shoes with arch supports, because these ‘treatments’ do not affect arch development.’
    • ‘However, the use of high-top shoes with inflatable support chambers results in a slightly (but not statistically significant) lower risk of ankle injury.’
    • ‘It's dressed in period clothing with accessories including wig, hat, shawl, glasses, necklace, and high-top shoes.’
    • ‘She was a tomboy with high-top sneakers and big dreams: She wanted to own her own home, go to college to be a nurse, have kids.’
    • ‘When worn off the court, high-top sneakers suggest a younger, more relaxed look.’
    • ‘I tried to get closer to the high-top shoe, but the young man only launched more seeds my way.’
    • ‘The new series has big high-top shoes to fill and I almost hate to admit it, but it's good.’
    • ‘Wrap the ankle in an Ace bandage or use a lacing boot or high-top shoe to alleviate swelling.’
    • ‘There were tales of high-top sneakers and traveling in coach cars and all-night card games.’
    • ‘I'd worn my favorite outfit: red high-top sneakers, baggy khaki shorts, and a T-shirt I'd special-ordered at a mall in Teaneck.’
    • ‘But for Teachout, a 31-year-old lawyer in black high-top sneakers, the campaign is not about the Internet.’
    • ‘About 50 years old, he wears dark pants, white high-top sneakers, and the pizza company's bright red shirt.’
    • ‘Truth be told, he is an agent in name only, wearing the label as loosely as he does his untucked T-shirts and high-top sneakers.’
    • ‘The fourth and final man stood trembling in his high-top sneakers.’
    • ‘His designer high-top sneakers skidded to a halt in front of me, and I half expected to smell burnt rubber.’
    • ‘The cruiser was pulled up against the curb just inches from Donny's ratty high-top sneakers.’
    • ‘She took to wearing high-top sneakers and boots.’
    • ‘I latched onto a pair of high-top waterproof boots and soon found the radar-like ears of whitetails could not detect me walking in the stream.’


  • A pair of high-top shoes.

    ‘Hey, man, you need turf shoes, spikes, running shoes, high-tops, three-quarter-tops and low-tops.’
    • ‘Looking under the door, I saw a pair of orange high-tops.’
    • ‘The local live coverage should focus on that guy running in high-tops and a pair of cut-offs.’
    • ‘Back then, when you made the varsity team, you just had to get a pair of Chuck Taylor high-tops.’
    • ‘His shoes were black converse high-tops that had been splattered with red and blue paint.’
    • ‘She had painted her nails black, and had bought herself a pair of black high-tops.’
    • ‘I decided that summer to travel around Europe with a ball and a pair of high-tops looking for a job as a basketball player.’
    • ‘But a shoe salesman recently told me that high-tops don't actually prevent ankle sprains and the benefit is only psychological.’
    • ‘Stories of people being robbed for their trainers emerged with those red and black high-tops.’
    • ‘Instead of threatening to fine Peyton Manning for wanting to wear black high-tops to honor Johnny Unitas, the NFL should have applauded him.’
    • ‘This is the Knights of the Round Table in high-tops.’
    • ‘She was wearing blue and white high-tops; the colors were bright and clean, and because she was too young to walk on them, they hadn't a trace of wear.’
    • ‘Nearly nine years later, straight-from-high school prospects are as common in the NBA as high-tops and tattoos.’
    • ‘The high-tops wouldn't work with that sort of a skirt, though.’
    • ‘James and Anthony may not be ready to fill Bird and Magic's high-tops just yet, but they are players around whom franchises can be built.’
    • ‘When a letter arrives offering escape to the US, Dondup pulls on his high-tops, grabs his boom box and leaves without a second thought.’
    • ‘She's dressed in a baggy sweater, a miniskirt, nylons and high-tops.’
    • ‘Tight black jeans and black high-tops graced his legs and feet.’
    • ‘Within minutes, Jeanna picked out something that fit Dan perfectly, all down to the red Converse high-tops.’
    • ‘Mark stepped off of the train, his eyes slightly drooping, and his black high-tops dragging behind him on the floor.’