Meaning of high explosive in English:

high explosive


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  • A chemical explosive of the kind used in shells and bombs, which is more rapid and destructive in its effects than gunpowder.

    ‘a future stealthy cruise missile could carry half a ton of high explosives’
    • ‘officers recovered enough high explosive for about six small bombs’
    • ‘He points out that, when it comes to building a nuclear bomb, obtaining high explosives is only a small part of a very complicated procedure.’
    • ‘The builders of these bombs wouldn't have much trouble getting their hands on high explosives - dynamite is readily available, and TNT isn't too hard to come by.’
    • ‘The missile is armed with a 3kg high explosive warhead loaded with tungsten ball projectiles.’
    • ‘Modern high explosives are developments of the last 150 years, which began with the discovery of nitroglycerine and the invention of nitrocellulose, or gun cotton, in the 1840s.’
    • ‘This new material was dramatically different in nature and concept of use from the conventional high explosives used in fission weapons.’
    • ‘Now, the governor also said that it was not one car bomb that went off on Friday, but rather two car bombs, containing a total of 700 kilograms of high explosives.’