Meaning of high frequency in English:

high frequency


  • (in radio) a frequency of 3–30 megahertz.

    as modifier ‘high-frequency words’
    • ‘high-frequency hearing loss’
    • ‘We've added a high-frequency radio to improve communications.’
    • ‘The tests involve measuring magnetic properties of molecules in the blood samples using high-frequency radio waves.’
    • ‘There appeared to be no more need for high-frequency radio because of all the modern communications technologies.’
    • ‘Customers can bring their battery-operated laptops and access the internet via high-frequency radio signals.’
    • ‘A recent study found evidence of high-frequency hearing loss in nearly one third of a cohort of college students.’
    high-pitched, high-frequency, soprano, treble, falsetto, shrill, acute, sharp, piping, piercing, penetrating