Meaning of high gear in English:

high gear


  • A gear that causes a wheeled vehicle to move fast, due to a high ratio between the speed of the wheels and that of the mechanism driving them.

    ‘pull away in high gear’
    • ‘the high gears make whizzing downhill safer’
    • ‘the war against the Mafia has gone into high gear’
    • ‘On icy or slushy roads, motorists are advised to use high gears to avoid wheel spin.’
    • ‘Indeed it is so flexible that you can drive around at low speeds in a high gear when you are feeling lazy.’
    • ‘If the ratios are too tight, the car will be in high gear very quickly and the engine will be screaming by the time the car nears the finish line.’
    • ‘Fichter nodded, shifting the car into high gear and speeding into the distance.’
    • ‘As the G8 Summit draws near, preparations are kicking into high gear.’